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Our Approach

From Assessment to management we adhere to protocols which are internationally recognized and backed by valid empirical evidence. This ensures best treatment as par with international standards. In a broad sense Physiotherapy treatment delivery spans from detailed assessment, patient education, administration of electro-physical agents, manual therapy, customised exercise therapy, preventive care advice to prevent recurrence of the condition.

Manual Therapy : Or hands on treatment. From soft tissue mobilisation procedures to Orthopedic Biomechanics based joint mobilization procedures, Manual therapy is an essential part of Physiotherapy treatment delivery. We are experts in Manual therapy procedures including Internationally acclaimed techniques like Mc Kenzie, Kaltenborn, Mulligan manual therapy. These often play a crucial role in substantial relief of symptoms and restoration of joint and muscle function when the best approach is chosen based on our experience of over 18 years in this field. We are equipped with state of the art High thrust bearing, Split five section motorized manual therapy table - the singlemost installation in town. Along with it manual therapy resources and accessories sourced from the acclaimed schools of manual therapy ensures you with the best manual therapy facility in Kochi City.

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  • KPMM Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre
  • MON - SAT 9am - 1pm , 4pm - 7pm
  • Sunday Closed
  • KPMM Physiotherapy Centre
  • MON - SAT 9am - 1pm , 4.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Sunday Closed

Our state of the art -electrotherapy unit has facilities for unique and specialized procedures like Iontophoresis in addition to latest generation of cold laser with red-laser and infra-red laser scanners and focalised point laser therapy; Dual frequency ultrasound therapy, Interferential therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Nerve and Muscle electrical stimulators (Faradic, Galvanic Electrical Stimulator) with S-D curve plotting for diagnosis and assessing prognosis of peripheral nerve injuries, Intermittent lumbar and cervical traction with Split bed, Vacuum therapy, Ionic massager, Moist heat therapy and Cryotherapy. Software based exercise therapy for optimal selection of muscle/ muscle groups and customisation based on our long experience will be an added advantage to our clients. Simple tips to be followed in day to day activities like environmental adaptations or Ergonomics will ease functions.

Exercise therapy: Physiotherapist are the Exercise therapy specialists. Thorough and in depth knowledge of the body joint mechanism based on the morphology, sound knowledge of Anatomy, Biomechanics, Biophysics, Kinematics, Kinesiology makes a Physiotherapist unique among Healthcare professionals. There is no substitute for a Physiotherapist when it comes to exercises because only a Physiotherapist has the vast knowledge to assess muscle function, find the missing components in a movement, undermine its cause whether it be orthopedic, neurologic, systemic, pathological and provide the best advice and a customised therapeutic exercise programme for a definitive result. It is for the same reason Physiotherapist is often considered an inevitable team member in Modern medicine. Often the therapeutic exercises are given with expected results over a specific period of time. Some are advised to achieve a short-term goal ( eg: joint ranging) and some with a long term goal ( eg: posture correction). Hence the client may be advised for a follow-up visit at specified intervals. We have a lot of clients who have improved their exercise tolerance, posture, pulmonary and cardiac function and made their life less dependent on medicine. We use minimalistic approach and the patient does not have to shed heavy on exercise equipments. A wide range of research backed products which are easily available on ecommerce sites like Amazon ,Flipkart, Decathlon etc has made it easy for people to find exercise equipments which are easy to source, use and store. Our updated knowledge of the wide range of products and their intended use will help our clients in the most cost effective manner. Consult with us to choose an exercise product or installation and designing whether it be for your personal use, Club houses, Residential complex gym, Health club, Corporate office or Employees' Gym.

We also offer skilled taping - sports taping, dynamic taping, McConnells taping - all imported and sourced directly from the corresponding school resources to ensure best and genuine quality.

Dry needling for treatment of trigger points for pain control, release muscle tension and dysfunction at neuromuscular junction is a procedure which gives drastic relief and decreasing the intensity of symptoms. The term dry needling is used since there is no medication or injection. Dry needling is not acupuncture which is based on classical acupuncture points and meridians, a traditional Chinese system.

Modern acupuncture with acupuncture point detection based on tissue electric resistance and stimulation using photo(laser) is an integrative approach where the classical meridians and other newly discovered points are stimulated using Laser instead of Needle. It is also known as needless acupuncture.